How to Shop, Order, Buy, & Ship Goods from Aliexpress in Nigeria

Aliexpress is one of the foreign websites where Nigerians can buy and import goods from for a very cheap amount. You can make any order from aliexpress and pay from Nigeria without fear but along the line, people are always wary of shopping online most times, but relax a little.

This article will walk you through all you need to know about buying, shopping, ordering, paying, shipping and importing any goods from aliexpress to Nigeria.

For most people who are ready to start their mini importation business, this is one of the best mini importation websites that is popularly used to buy goods.

On you can find a whole lot of manufacturers, exporters, suppliers & individual sellers selling millions of products at a relatively cheap price (wholesale price).

How to Shop, Order, Buy, & Ship Goods from Aliexpress in Nigeria

However, if a price is too good to be true there’s a big chance that you can be scammed as the buyer protection is not as secure as that of popular US online stores like eBay and Amazon, although there is an excrow system to provide some level of buyers security.

Order & Ship Goods from AliExpress to Nigeria Safely

Visit and sign in. If you do not have an account do create one

Search For A Product. There are different method of searching for products on AliExpress.

You can search by using the search bar. Type in the keyword of the item and hit the search button.

You can also search by using the categories displayed by the left side of the page. Hover your mouse over a category and a sub category will be displayed. Select the category you are interested in and browse products.

How to Shop, Order, Buy, & Ship Goods from Aliexpress in Nigeria

How to Shop, Order, Buy, & Ship Goods from Aliexpress in Nigeria

Find a product from your search result and click on “Chat now!” to contact the supplier. You can ask for details of the product to ensure it meets your expectation or if you require a modification to the product you can inform the supplier.

If the Supplier is offline you can click on the “Offline” link to leave a message with the supplier and you will be contacted when the seller comes online.

The most important step to shopping safely on is buying from Top-rated sellers and sellers with 5 stars feedback.

Buying from unrated suppliers is at your own risk.

If the product is good enough then go for it by clicking on the product.
Enter the quantity or colour if it has variants and Click on the “Buy Now” button then check out or Add the item to cart and continue your shopping.

When Checking out, a page is displayed to view your shipping destination and review your order.

When reviewing, you can select the shipping method for your product. The cheaper the shipping cost the longer time it takes to get to your address.

Select your preferred shipping method, please avoid the free shipping option as this is not reliable for destination outside China.

Making Payment on AliExpress From Nigeria

There are different methods of payments namely Visa Card, Master Card, Western Union, Bank Transfer and others so using your debit card is quite easy as this is what most Nigerians have.

Review your order once more and click on the “Place Order” button
And You Are Done!

Tracking Your AliExpress Order In Nigeria

You can track your AliExpress order by clicking on your account at the top right and selecting the “My Orders” option.

On the “My Orders” page, your purchased items would be displayed where you can see the status & current location of your product.

Usually when the product gets to Nigeria it would be sent to the nearest post office. The post office would contact you but if you are not contacted, kindly walk down to the post office and make enquiry.

A one-time clearance fee of N500 is usually made to the post office as handling charge.

Make the payment and pick up your Item.

Tips When Buying from Aliexpress to Nigeria

(1) Make sure you check the ratings of each seller to ensure that he actually sends out products or sends bad products to people, this is very important as it allows you decide if the seller is honest because some of them can be shady.

(2) Also, be extremely cautious. The ratings are usually under the item display and can be expanded to view all ratings.

(3) Compare prices in different shops before ordering, it helps you know the real value of the item you want to buy so you won’t be created.

An item may seem cheap in a store but it probably is cheaper in majority of the stores.

(4) Check the size properly when it comes to buying clothing, Chinese people are relatively small and their measurements are totally different from ours.A Chinese 4XL may be a L here in Nigeria. They provide measurements in centimeters, a tape can be used to crosscheck before ordering.

(5) Ensure you discuss with the seller before ordering to be sure he is readily available to answer your questions. Some sellers may have closed shop or probably died, but their virtual shop will remain, ordering in such shops will frustrate your experience. This one is non-negotiable.

(5) Don’t become an addict. Relax. Only buy what you need. Else you will have a room full of useless cheap stuff.
On the next part of this expose, I will discuss how you can start a business using ALIEXPRESS charges in the post office, how to retrieve your money if the seller fails to send or the goods are defective or incomplete and more.

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  4. Can I use a third party from China to ship my product down to Nigeria and can I do that

  5. Great piece you just put up here. We commend your effort!

  6. Thanks Precious. I have a question. I checked the goods I bought on aliexpress,it shows it has gotten to Trans amadi since 10th of January and I haven’t received it till now. The shipping company from China is China air post registered mail. I live in Port Harcourt. Pls help, how do I check for the goods.

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