100+ Blog Niche Topics For Academic And Career Professionals

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      Oct 25, 2017
      In this post, I will reveal over 100 blog niche topics that are suitable for professionals. Are you an academic or a career professional in any field? If yes, you make huge amount of money online by blogging on your field of study.


      I know that you may be getting a mouth-watering pay from where you work but, a fraction of people out there are looking for what you know already.

      This little fraction of people are who you need to change your life. As part of knowledge transfer, you can empower a lot of people who read your piece.

      This strategy has been fully implemented in the US, Europe and Australia. There you will see a marketer who owns a marketing blog. You will also see a TV presenter who owns a reality TV blog. A typical example is Christiane Amanpour, she is a CNN Chief International Correspondent and she owns amanpour.com.

      You will see quite a number of them creating a blog with their name or the topic they want to brand.

      So, are you are professional? If yes, what are you waiting for. Do yourself well to create a blog for yourself.

      Blogs are not hard to developed if you are a professional. You will write what you already know. These are fact you are well experienced at, so the little you will publish there will become wonder to others who are not in your field.

      Apart from making money from the blog, it can serve as your business portfolio and a contact point to make more connections.

      As a professional, the advantages of getting a blog is uncountable especially if you do it well.

      Just look at this guy from Australia, he was a photographer. He started publishing photography and shooting tips. Yoday, his blog is now the largest online photography school. His name is Darren Wrose the owner of digital photography school.

      So, blogs are very easy to develop by professionals. They don’t lack idea to present any any given time since they are writing from experiences.

      If you are a professional, scan through the list below and find out the blog niche topic that will be suitable for you.

      1 History
      2 Humanities
      2.1 Human history blog
      2.2 Linguistics blog
      2.3 Literature blog
      2.4 Arts blog
      2.5 Philosophy blog
      2.6 Religion blog

      3 Social sciences
      3.1 Anthropology blog
      3.2 Archaeology blog
      3.3 Area studies blog
      3.4 Cultural and ethnic studies blog
      3.5 Economics blog
      3.6 Gender and sexuality studies blog
      3.7 Geography blog
      3.8 Political science blog
      3.9 Psychology blog
      3.10 Sociology blog

      4 Natural sciences
      4.1 Biology blog
      4.2 Chemistry blog
      4.3 Physics blog
      4.4 Earth sciences blog
      4.5 Space sciences blog

      5 Formal sciences
      5.1 Mathematics blog
      5.1.1 Applied Mathematics blog
      5.1.2 Pure Mathematics blog
      5.2 Computer sciences blog
      5.3 Logic blog
      5.4 Statistics blog
      5.5 Systems science blog

      6 Professions
      6.1 Agriculture blog
      6.2 Architecture and design blog
      6.3 Business blog
      6.4 Divinity blog
      6.5 Education blog
      6.6 Engineering and technology blog
      6.7 Environmental studies and forestry blog
      6.8 Family and consumer science blog
      6.9 Human physical performance and recreation blog
      6.10 Journalism, media studies and communication v
      6.11 Law blog
      6.12 Library and museum studies blog
      6.13 Medicine blog
      6.14 Military sciences blog
      6.15 Intelligence blog
      6.16 Public administration
      6.16.1 Public policy
      6.17 Social work blog
      6.18 Transportation blog

      7. Teaching and Learning Blog

      8. Trades and Craft
      • Agricultural Equipment Technician Blog
      • Appliance Service Technician Blog
      • Appliance Service Technician Blog
      • Commercial Appliance Service Technician Blog
      • Auto Body Technician Blog
      • Auto Body Technician Blog
      • Auto Body Refinisher Blog
      • Auto Body Repairer Blog
      • Automotive Service Technician Blog
      • Baking Blog
      • Boilermaking Blog
      • Bricklayer Blog
      • Cabinetmaking Blog
      • Carpentry Blog
      • Cathodic Protection Technician Blog
      • Communication Technician Blog
      • Concrete Finishing Blog
      • Cooking blog
      • Crane and Hoisting blog
      • Electric Motor Systems blog
      • Electrician blog
      • Elevator Constructor blog
      • Field Heat Treatment blog
      • Floorcovering blog
      • Gas Utility Operation blog
      • Gasfitting blog
      • Glazing blog
      • Hair-styling blog
      • Heavy Equipment blog
      • Industrial Construction blog
      • Instrument Technician blog
      • Insulator blog
      • Ironworking blog
      • Landscape Gardening blog
      • Interior Systems Mechanic blog
      • Locksmith blog
      • Millwrighting blog
      • Motorcycle Mechanic blog
      • Natural Gas Compression blog
      • Oil and Gas Transportation Services blog
      • Outdoor Power Equipment blog
      • Painting and Decoration blog
      • Materials Technician blog
      • Parts Technician blog
      • Plumbing blog
      • Power System Electrician blog
      • Powerline Technician blog
      • Recreation Vehicle Service blog
      • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic blog
      • Residential Construction Site Manager (occupation)
      • Rig Technician blog
      • Sheet Metal Work blog
      • Slickline Services blog
      • Snubbing Services blog
      • Sprinkler Systems blog
      • Steamfitter-Pipefitter
      • Steel Detailer blog
      • Structural Steel and Plate Fitting blog
      • Tilesetting blog
      • Transport Refrigeration Technician blog
      • Water Well Drilling blog
      • Welding
      • Well Testing blog
      You can see the full list of blog niche topics for academic and career professionals.

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