7 Creative Ways To Make Money Online in Nigeria

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      There are many ways to make money on the internet these days. Everywhere in the world businesses are going online in order to reach vast number of people, hence the need to advertise online. Online advertising therefore has created the means for people to make money online. You too can get a share of advert money and earn a living online.

      We are going to show you seven ways to make money online. You can even combine any of the methods or all of them to increase your chances of making money online.

      Affiliate Marketing
      Affiliate marketing is a marketing method that involves selling or promoting peoples services or offers for commission. When you help promote some other people’s goods or services on your blog or website and you help make a sale, you get a commission for that sale.

      You will be giving a unique code you have to paste on your website and when your readers click on it and they buy something, you get paid for helping to make that sale. Affiliate commissions range from about 4% to as high as 75%.

      There are many affiliate companies to join to make affiliate commissions. Some of the affiliate companies are Amazon, ClickBank, Shareasale, Commission Junction etc.

      CPA Marketing
      CPA marketing or Cost Per Action marketing is related to affiliate marketing but different in the sense that you get a commission for any action taken. Actions like email submit, signing up to a website etc. are actions that you can make money from.

      So many companies need emails of people to market to and an offer like email submit can give you up to $4 per email you help collect. When a reader on your website submits his email to get a free offer, you make money for that email submission. The reader does not have to buy anything.

      There are many CPA companies to join like Fluxads, Peerfly, Cupid Plc etc.

      Blogging for Ad Revenue
      This is one of the easiest ways to make money online. A blog is a website in reverse chronological order where you can write things you love or that you are interested in for people to read. You can monetize your blog with revenue sharing services like Google AdSense, ad dynamo ads and other revenue sharing ads.

      You can even sell your products, services or sell other peoples products on your blog to make money on your blog.

      Sell Your Hobbies or Skills
      You can sell your products like photographs on stock photography sites. If you are a photographer or it is just a hobby, you can sell your photographs to people who need them or sell on these stock photography sites.

      Many photographers are making money this way and you don’t have to be a professional photographer to make money this way. Get a good camera and take beautiful sceneries or pictures of people and sell online.

      Tweeting or Posting Links for Sponsors

      There are many advertisers that want you to tweet out their messages on twitter or post their links on Facebook and they will pay you for doing that. Many services like Mylikes.com pay for both clicks generated from your tweet messages you tweet to your followers and clicks generated from links posted on your Facebook wall.

      Many websites like ad dynamo and tweeter also have these sponsored tweets they like you to help tweet for commissions. It is a nice way to make money and you can join these services too.

      Selling eBooks and Kindle Books
      You can write an eBook or kindle and sell on eBook sites. Sites like ClickBank and Commission Junction (CJ) will help sell your books. The companies have millions of affiliates who will help you sell your eBook.

      You will have to create your book in PDF or Portable Digital Format to sell as an eBook for it to be downloaded and read easily online.

      Amazon also have a special format called kindles books which can be read on their Kindle devices. You can create your book in kindle book format and sell on Amazon. It is a nice way to make money online.

      Sell Your Services on Micro-jobs Sites
      Finally a new way to make money online is to offer your services starting from a fixed amount on sites like Fiverr. You can offer any service like portrait drawings, logo designs, link building, writing stories or designing eBook covers. Fiverr is one of the best sites for these kinds of services.

      A lot of people are on this site making a lot of money from their skill or to offer anything people want. Join Fiverr today and some of these micro job sites and start making money.

      These are some of the ways to make money on the internet. Note that the amount you make depends on your effort. This is not a get rich quick scheme and don’t let anyone deceive you. It takes some time to make money online but if you are persistent, making money online is easy and highly rewarding.

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