Blogger And Wordpress: Which Platform Is Better For A Beginner?

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      Blogging has ended up to become a favorite past time of most individuals today and it is understandable that we are past the era of writing journals and diary in papers to typing and publishing them electronically for the whole world to see.

      Blogging is an art or way of life and it is simply defined as self-publishing; that is, the act of publishing your on personal and self-originated thoughts thought on the internet for the whole world to see.

      Blogging is passion and a profession, and definitely a money making avenue for anybody or person that can get a full grasp of it entirely.

      Blogging has become way easier with the advent of two platforms, namely WordPress and Blogger.
      They are the most frequently used and most popular blogging platforms in the internet today and by far, the best platforms to blog with.

      Blogger is also known as BlogSpot, and it is the first blogging platform. Originating in the year 1999 but was acquired by google in the year 2003.

      WordPress started in the year 2003, same year with Google acquired Blogger. So one might just argue that they started giving service at the same time, but WordPress has become more popular with more than 2 million active users more the blogger.

      Choosing between these two blogging platforms is quite difficult but the choice totally depends on individual requirement and choice.

      Below are some reasons you might want to consider both of them.


      1. With BlogSpot or blogger, google will provide you with a free hosing service and your domain name.
      2. There is limited option for theme customization but you can choose a favorable theme from a wide collection of free blogger templates.
      3. You are presented with up to I gigabyte of storage, so worry less about space but your contents.
      4. Very easy to use with options for uploading video and image files.
      1. WordPress presents to you 3 gigabyte of storage space free if you host on their server with a domain name you can use your own host with a special domain.
      2. There is a wider option for theme customization and you can choose a favorable theme from a wide collection of free WordPress templates, and even do some customization on your own.
      3. You are presented with up to I gigabyte of storage, so worry less about space but your contents.
      4. Very easy to use with options for uploading video and image files also.
      5. A little IT technical skill might need to be applied to set it up.
      Every functionality on blogger is entirely free and can be done from the theme customization page.
      WordPress is free to use. However, for any additional feature or, then is expensive including because of the cost of plugins and high functional themes.

      Blogger is the simplest and easiest blogging platform for beginners. All you have to do is to create an account by signing up {NOTE; YOU MUST HAVE A GOOGLE EMAIL OR GMAIL ADDRESS}.
      Then the next step would be to choose a template of your choice and after that you are good to go!
      WordPress is a bit complex for non-technical beginner because after you download the software, you would have upload to a reliable and stable host.
      The next step you have to follow is the configuration your settings and run the installation.
      This entire process may seem easy to a person with programming skills, but for others, it can prove pretty difficult or even impossible.
      So, it is better for you to choose BlogSpot if you are in the beginners category.


      You can be very creative with BlogSpot as you like, because it provides you with full access to the whole system.
      WORDPRESS is much more flexible than BlogSpot though because you have complete access to its database along with CSS, PHP and image files.


      BlogSpot is far more secure. Hacking is impossible because your site is hosted on Googles servers, and also maintained by mighty Google! Hacking should be the least of your worry.
      WordPress is very vulnerable especially to hacking but can be fortified by using security plugins feature and by updating your site regularly.

      The choice is now yours to make on which platform you will use ideally.
      My recommendations are:
      Beginners and professionals = blogger.
      Professional = WordPress.
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      Got It, This is the very informative information for me. Thanks.

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