Eight Steps To Consider Before Writing Website Copy

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      How can you make sure your website is a powerful marketing tool and not pretty html pictures posted on a server that people can look at for free? Here are some simple steps.

      1. Write down your marketing objective.
      Are you trying to generate leads? Build a list? Make a storefront?

      2. Quantify your objectives.
      Basically set a goal for you site in terms of numbers.

      3. Make sure your website has the information your visitors need.
      Put nothing useless on there just to fill space, actually make each
      piece of content have a certain objective.

      4. The prospect must be able to get all his questions answered while on your site.
      Using a good FAQ page can be super effective.

      5. Use tools that can quantitatively measure site activity.
      Get Google Analytics and other helpful tools like SimilarWebPro

      6. Add strategic hyperlinks and site maps to guide visitors.
      Don't be afraid to aggressively lead the visitor toward the solution.

      7. Study competitive sites carefully.
      Do this at places like SEMRush, SimilarWebPro, and Follow.net

      8. Take a tip from the Yellow Pages.
      The things posted in the yellow pages are heavy on content, and light on fancy or marketing fluff. Remember copy and content is what sells...not fancy.

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