How To Create An Online Product And Sell It

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      Creating your own eBook is a nice way to make money online. Its always said that, "If you don't own the product, you don't own the business!" Conversely, if you DO own the product, you DO control what happens to YOUR business.

      Creating your own product is the best way to make money online. If you can make yourself an expert in a particular field, then you will continue to make money over and over from different products you create.

      There are different kinds of products you can create online to make money. Products in whatever form like eBook, videos, software, graphics etc are meant to solve a problem. It means if you can put yourself in the position of an expert or someone who could solve a problem, then people will always buy your product.

      But creating an eBook is the easiest of them all. All you need to do is write your ideas in a word document and convert it to a portable digital form. But it all starts from being an expert in a particular field.

      To be honest, it is not that hard to be an expert. You may have encountered, got on your own journey and solved a major problem. If you validate your niche you may find that others are also having that problem.

      Well, you solved it so you can share your experience with them. And as long as the problem shares some pain, urgency or irrational passion, then you have a good starting point for a potential product.

      Whatever product you want to create, it all starts with learning how something works and helping others solve whatever problems they have with it. You could start by making a simple research. Find out what people want and give it to them.

      Look around you. People want or need something. People want to lose weight. People want to learn graphics or design a website. So there is always something for you to work and create a product on.

      There are so many different ways you can go about putting a product together, depending on your industry and who you are, one may be more your style than another. Ultimately you want it to solve a problem, so If we take the example of website design, the problem being solved is people learning how to design a website.

      You need to answer just 3 simple questions and these will form the backbone of your product success. Yes, really. You just need to know and ask yourself.

      • What do people need/want?
      • Which group of people are ready to buy?
      • How can I reach them and persuade them?

      These are big questions, true. But they are simple. And every time you answer one of them, your path will become clearer & clearer. The secret sauce is that, if you work on them diligently, each answer leads to the next. This approach builds momentum.

      Knowing the wants and needs of your target market puts you on a fast-track to success. Not knowing and just throwing out products to see what sticks is a lousy approach and will most likely lead to failure instead of success. Listen in to this episode and you may be surprised at some of the simple methods you can use right now to know what your prospective customers need.

      Another set of questions you need to ask yourself are questions that relates to how to know for sure that your eBook will sell before you even write a single word.

      • I have a perfect idea. Would people pay for it?
      • I have too many ideas. Which one should I go with?
      • I have an idea but it is not proven. How do I know this eBook will sell before I invest tons of time and effort into it?

      Most people think the first step in writing an eBook is coming up with a fantastic idea. They couldn’t be more wrong. The first step is knowing who you want to write the eBook for. Who are the people that will be buying your eBook. And the only way to determine is to take a deep dive into market research. But before we learn how to do this effectively, let’s look at the recipe for a winning idea so you are motivated to research in the first place.

      Your winning eBook idea combines three elements.

      1. There is a demand for your idea.
      2. You solve a specific problem.
      3. You are motivated to help solve this problem.

      If there is a demand for your idea and you find find yourself in a position to help solve the problem, then you have a perfect product to create and sell.

      One of the problems you might encounter as you try to create a product (digital products) is that even though you know the “market” you want to enter and you have a general idea for your product, creating the outline for your product can be very challenging. But it shouldn't be that hard once you know what to do and how to go about it.

      Some of the things you need to know are outlined below.

      Select a Sales-Worthy Topic

      Now you have a product you feel people will buy. You have gone to forums and social media pages and you see one thing people desperately need. So first thing to do is to find a sales-worthy topic for the product.

      A great eBook title tells them exactly what your eBook is going to be about. From the moment they read the title, they should be able to know if it’s going to be something that is for them or not.

      Do Your Research

      Now even though you know a something about what you are writing about, you still need to do more research. There is nothing new online and one way or the other, whatever you want to write about has been discussed on one forum, group or blog somewhere on the internet. You need to do research and add more to your knowledge.

      If you don't know much, then all the same, you need to do research. You can start with the search engines and type in the keywords related to the topic you want to cover. Google blog search to find blogs related to your topic. There are also video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo where you can do research. And don’t forget to read other topic-related eBooks!

      This gives you lots of ideas to put together and package as your own unique product.

      Outline Your EBook Content

      It’s time to start outlining your eBook; this probably won’t take you more than some few hours to do. The idea behind outlining is to create a path for your writing. You sometimes hear that when you outline correctly, 30-40% of the work is already done.

      Creating an outline makes writing easier. Once you have an outline ready, you know what comes first, next, and last. This makes writing a piece of cake. It helps your eBook have balance. A good outline helps you see where your eBook lacks substance. You can clearly see what sub-topics need more content.

      It makes reading easier - Because you took the time to make sure the eBook has structure, it makes it easier to read and comprehend. It motivates you to write - This is the first step in the writing process, so knowing that almost 50% of the work is already done, you’re more likely to sit down and write and follow the path you’ve already created.

      You can outline your eBook in this format:

      Main Topic – Headline

      Introduction Paragraph


      Content Paragraphs

      Closing Sub-Headline

      Closing Paragraph

      Writing The Content

      Now you have an outline, its time to put together the content. All you need to do is to follow each part one by one. Start from the headline and then follow through to the end. A good tool to use to create your content is Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.

      The best way to do this is to write how you speak. Write as though you were chatting with a client or a good friend over a bottle of beer. Avoid technical jargon and overused big words as much as possible. What matters the most is that your information is valuable, easy to understand and will solve the reader’s problems. And the simpler you keep your language, the faster you will be able to create your product.

      Convert your product from word to PDF (Portable Digital Format). This is the best way to store your digital product and its the easiest way people can read it on their computer.

      Write Effective Ebook Copy

      Now you have a product, next thing is to sell it. Selling means you need to advertise the product. Advertising means you need to write great sales copy. To be effective, your sales letter must focus on the benefits the reader will gain from buying your products.

      Write copy that emphasizes the benefits in a way that makes an emotional connection. Advertising involves manipulating the emotions of your customers. Yes, it does. Selling is a blatant form of emotional manipulation that involves convincing your customer that they want to buy your product or service, and they want to do it now.

      Optimize your eBooks for lead gen and promotion. Make your call to action prominently displayed.

      Drive Traffic to Your Sales Copy

      So at the end of the day, you have a product to make money from. Drive traffic to your pages by posting to forums, your blog, social media sites etc. You can also spend money on paid advertisement and target the right audience.

      That's what eBook creation entails. Now start creating your own eBook and start making money online. Its one of the best ways to make money online.

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