How To Make Money Online In Nigeria Using Plr Products Information Marketing

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      Oct 25, 2017
      In this guide, I will show you How to Make Money Online in Nigeria Using PLR Products Information Marketing

      There are so many ways to make money online…

      But today, I want to officially introduce you into one of my best internet business idea.

      Still in information marketing…

      This time, it’s about selling information products that are not created by yourself.

      Product creation is difficult, but fortunately, there are products that you can sell and keep all the profit without breaking the law.

      In the later part of my previous article, I made mention of certain digital products that you can acquire and resell to others.

      These are called PLR products. Full meaning is Private Label Rights Digital Products.

      Another name is Master Resale Rights products.


      What this means is that you can buy the products and sell them to others as if it’s you are the creator.

      They come in so many forms – eBooks, Articles, Software, Videos, and More.

      Like I said earlier, it’s this is one of my favorite information marketing strategies I use to multiply my earnings.

      I simply buy these products, maybe rename it and sell them to others.

      Sure, many other infopreneurs use this strategy to enrich their bank accounts and you too can do it.

      Strategies for Success!

      Here are the few tools to ensure success in PLR information marketing business.

      • 1. Get information products (as many as possible) and put on your computer
      • 2. Select the one that you think people will like to buy
      • 3. Create a sales (landing) page where you host your information and bank details
      • 5. Create an email list
      • 6. Promote your products with blog posts
      • 7. Create an autoresponder using email marketing software
      • 8. Sell your information products and keep all the profits
      This is a very simple process.

      I have done many times and I have to leak the secrete to you.

      The fact is that it’s not easy to create a product that sell like fire. But you can definitely start from here.

      How to Use PLR Products.

      There are so many ways to use these products to your advantage.

      Here are my 21 tips for using this PLR product:

      1. Use it as blog content
      2. Create tips of the week
      3. Create a 7 day eCourse
      4. Use it for your newsletter
      5. Build a coaching program/e-class
      6. Create a webinar
      7. Sell it as a Kindle eBook
      8. Bundle several PLR’s to create a “Mega Bundle”
      9. Use it to create viral reports
      10. Giveaway reports to build your list
      11. Start a membership site
      12. Use it as an unannounced bonus
      13. Convert it into a physical product
      14. Use it for offline clients and coaching
      15. Convert it to a slideshow and post it to YouTube
      16. Use it as an upsell/one time offer
      17. Create a website to flip
      18. Start a weekly podcast
      19. Extract the content to create multiple articles
      20. Start your own firesale
      21. Put your name as the author

      So, the question now is…

      Where do you get these PLR products?

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