How To Make Money Online With Cpa Marketing in Nigeria

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      CPA marketing is one of the finest ways to make money online. CPA or Cost Per Action/Acquisition marketing is a part of affiliate marketing which is based solely on qualifying actions such as registrations or sales.

      While in traditional affiliate marketing, you get paid when a lead buys something you are promoting, in CPA marketing, you get paid for any action.

      Most CPA offers include actions like:
      • Filling out a form
      • Email submits
      • Getting an estimate or quote
      • Signing up for a free trial
      • Download/Install
      • Sales
      You could get paid from as little as $0.27 to up to $70 depending on the offer and action. Some actions involves a single step to get paid.

      That is your lead only need to complete the action on the first page and then you qualify for the commissions. Some actions involve three page steps. You lead will have to complete the 3 steps for you to get paid.

      Most CPA offers are available in countries like US, UK, France, Australia and Canada. That means that only leads from these countries will make you money.

      For you to be successful with CPA marketing, the traffic from these countries are what you will target. But most of them accept affiliates from most countries of the world including Nigeria.

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