Latest Corner Kick Prediction Tips For 2017/2018

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      The corner kick prediction market is one easy market where you can stake your bet without much risk.

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      The catch or range is very idealistic and all you have to do is to factor in the team playing and the league too.

      The average number of corner kicks in a football match is roughly between the figures 9 – 11.

      Some leagues are more defensive to others and this is something you have to consider when next you want to predict corner kicks.

      According to the GUARDIAN,

      The average number of corners in Premiership games during the last eight seasons (1997-98 to 2004-05) was 11. In games where there were no goals, the average number of corners was 11. In games where there were two goals, the average number of corners was 11.
      1. Most defensive teams will give a total corner kick lower than 13 per match.

      2. A team that is more attack minded is likely to produce more corner kicks and this value should be slightly higher than 11 corner kicks in total in most cases.

      3. The following are ideal corner kick predictions market you should look out for :

      Under 9 corners
      Under 10 corners
      Over 10 corners
      Under 11 corners
      Over 11 corners

      4. There are more corner kick prediction market we will look into in the next post, they are:
      • Half with most corners
      • Most corners in first/second half
      • Race to 3 corners
      • Half corners over/unders
      • Total corners – home or away team
      I will advise you stay away from obscure and vague corner kick predictions site as they can give you wrong corner kick predictions and make you lose your earnings.

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