Tege Edward Burata Is A Scammer & Thief!

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    Oct 25, 2017
    We are trying to clean up the cyberspace and we have one more criminal to remove from the legal cyber world.

    I paid MR. TEGE EDWARD BURATA the sum of 5,000 for a bulk sms script. He sent it over but I told him before hand that I want it on a sub domain.

    I installed it but the script was not displaying properly, instead he told me to install on root domain, why? When I informed you before.

    I told him to refund 3,000 and keep 2,000 naira for his trouble but he refused.

    Attached is the evidence of our correspondence and also my payment receipt.

    For the records, MR. TEGE EDWARD'S BURATA IS A THIEF AND A SCAMMER till he does the right thing!

    Do not ever deal or send money to him!

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