what are the Countries With The Highest Google Adsense Cpc?

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      Oct 25, 2017
      Well this is not something you can easily list because its not made known by Google itself but from the Google reporting system we can actually guess the countries with the highest CPC...

      Its good you ask cause its something really important for those who are into adsense.

      The top 5 countries have always been United States, United kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada i think. The other countries at the top are some countries in Europe like especially some of the Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland..

      what are the Countries With The Highest Google Adsense Cpc?
      Some may argue but from my research these are the top ones not necessarily in order...

      1. United States
      2. United Kingdom
      3. Australia
      4. New Zealand
      5. Canada
      6. Norway
      7. Netherlands
      8. Switzerland
      9. Sweden
      10. Finland
      11. Slovakia
      12. Denmark
      13. Germany

      Note however that depending on your site or keywords and depending on the ads people click, the order might be different for different people..

      For some people, the CPC for Australia might be higher than for United Kingdom. It depends on many factors like what ad people from different countries are clicking on. Of course you should know that sometimes you will earn $4 for a click where sometimes they won’t pay you $3 for 1000 clicks.

      But overall those countries listed are at the top 20. South Africa is the top country in Africa and you might want to target it too.

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