10 Secrets on how to get more comments on your blog now!

What is better than getting comments on your blog? I think it is getting more comments on your blog. This goes on to show that people are interested in what you have to say.

Getting blog comments goes on to show that you are really servicing the need of your target audience and they really know that you can trust whatever you have to say.

This shows why they go the extra mile of cementing their presence on your blog by way of dropping a comment.

If you can get comments on your blog, you’ll increase both your SEO benefits and your status as an industry leader. Each new comment adds more valuable content on that post, so yes, you can start ranking for different variations of keywords that are naturally mentioned in your comments.

Also, the more comments you have, the more clout you appear to have, because people are interested enough in what you have to say to bother commenting.

So the question is: how do you get people to bother to comment? Here are 9 ways to encourage people to comment on your blog:

How to get people to comment on your blog

1. Close Each Blog Post with a Question

At the end of every one of my blog posts, I ask a question. It takes about 5 seconds to formulate a question, even something as simple as “What do you think about X?” or “Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments below!” Asking for feedback from your readers will show them that you care about their opinions.

Even though blog commenting is more anonymous than if that reader was asking you a question in person or from a conference audience, people can still be fairly shy online.

But asking them for their opinions may help them feel more comfortable leaving a comment. Also, bold your question so that it stands out at the end of your post.

2. Ask Readers to Add to Your Numbered List

Many of the most enticing blog articles are numbered lists. Numbered lists make a blog post easy to read, and people know when they click on a post like “ 9 Worst Ways to do Twitter for Business
,” they’re going to come away with at least 9 clear takeaways from that blog post.

The best way to get comments from people on these types of articles is to ask them to add to the list. In the case of my 9 Worst Ways article, I asked my readers to contribute #10, and got 59 comments to date. Not too shabby!

3. Write Something Insightful and Thought-Provoking

Try to write a blog post that gets people to think, or pushes them in a new direction. This is what a truly remarkable blog post will do.

This type of post will definitely push the limit of a typical 200-400 word blog post, but every once in a while, take a bit of extra time to come up with a concept, theory, or idea that makes your readers think.

THIS is the type of blog post that will make you an industry leader. This is also the type of post that gets people to comment.

4. Be Controversial

Some of the HubSpot blog articles with the most comments include “ 7 Signs You Should Run Screaming From An SEO Consultant ” and “ Why a Social Media Policy is Stupid .” The titles alone are controversial, and can elicit an immediate reaction.

Either you go “Haha yes! That’s so true!” or you go “WHAT? I’m an SEO consultant!!!” or “I have a social media policy!!!” This type of reaction usually triggers the need to respond with either wholehearted agreement, or fervent disagreement.

Either way, you’re bound to get more comments, and since this type of article usually has more viral potential and social media, you’ll probably get many more page views out of it as well.

And yes, being controversial is a delicate balancing act, but you can certainly be controversial without threatening your brand image.

get more blog comments

More Secrets on how to get more comments on your blog now!

5. Reply to Your Comments to Keep the Conversation Going

If you ignore all your comments, you’ll let the conversation dwindle off, so reply to your audience to keep the conversation going.

If readers see that you care enough to reply to comments people leave on your posts, they’ll be more encouraged to leave a comment as well.

Just like you don’t want to blog out to an empty void, people don’t want to comment to an empty void either. Answer any questions you receive, and thank people for commenting.

If you’re getting too many comments to reply to individually, wait a day or two and then comment thanking all of your readers for their insightful comments.

6. Make it as Easy as Possible to Comment

Make sure that your comment box is located directly below your blog post/social sharing icons/call-to-action, rather than placing it below the comments so that the user would have to scroll way down to find it.

Also, remove any barriers to commenting, such as requiring people to log in. The fields for name, email, and comment are all you really need.

7. Comment on Other Blogs

Make insightful comments on other relevant or industry blogs. Don’t just comment with a simple “Thanks for this great article!” Actually add value to the conversation.

This way, the blog author may visit your site to return the favor. This should also help you get more traffic, and possibly even more inbound links, to your blog.

8. Create Blog Posts Around Top Comments

If someone leaves a spectacular and insightful comment around that blog post, use that comment as inspiration for your next blog post. Open with a snippet from that comment, with a link to that reader’s website, and then follow with your opinion.

Then reach out to that reader via email to let them know that their comment inspired you! This offers you the opportunity to provide your top commentators with recognition, so that they keep coming back to participate.

9. Ask for Feedback on Social Media Channels

Instead of just tweeting and Facebook sharing your article with the typical format of “Title – Link, ” ask for feedback.

“Title – Link – Would love your thoughts, please comment” is a type of tweet or update that once again shows that you care about what your audience thinks, rather than just promoting your own point of view.

Why don’t people comment on blogs?

I felt that I should also add this to this post, it is really great to get more comments on oyur blog, but what happens when people really are not or do not want to comment on your blog.

I will tell you for sure, with experience from my blogging years, why people really do not want to go through the stress of commenting on your blog.

Your content suck big time

This is a real and major deal breaker. People come on your blog to find information that will be beneficial and they realize that your post is not different from how they operate before.

They can actually smell the bullshit from miles away, there is no way on blogging earth that such visitor will be leaving a comment for you, not even a negative one because your post was a waste of time.

Your site is not navigational easy

You may have the best of content on earth and must have expressed yourself like a guru but guess what? Your site is a total turn off to prospective visitor.

Some sites are so clumsy and cloggy that even getting to the comment box seems like an herculean task, the whole site is an advertising mess, this is a big turn off.

You need to make your site design great and clear so your readers can reach out to you easily from the comment box.

Your content is the highest of standards

Now this may seem contradicting to you but is is the gospel truth. Your content might be so encompassing and answers all the questions your readers may have raised.

Most people comment because they want to seek clarifications and even ask more question. So if you answer all the questions before they are raised, you are never going to get a comment. If you do it will be a “great one”.

Basically, getting comment should come easily on a website and blog that is user oriented, where visitors know that they will be getting answers to their every questions and are sure that there will be avenue to get answers to even more questions.

I hope this post has opened your understanding on some of the basic things to do especially if you want high user engagement in the comment section of your blog.

What would you add as the #10 way to get more blog comments? Let me know in the comments below!

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