How I got & Activated my payoneer master card in Nigeria!

My payoneer master card just got into my hands right here In Nigeria, I have also activated it and the process seem to be more straight forward than I thought.

They had shipped the card some weeks back, I also got a tracking number to track the card but along the line, I just gave up tracking it, I felt it was taking too long.

This morning, I arrived to the office. The receptionist then handed a slip to me, on checking it, it was from NIPOST – the Nigerian postal services. They were telling me to come over and clear my package.

precious iriaevho payoneer master card nigeria easy

I was wondering if I had a package, then I remembered that my payoneer master card had been shipped from Germany to Nigeria, I check the product code and it was correct, I mediately I set out to the nearest post office and truthfully, my card was waiting for me.

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There was really not much to do here, except that you present the slip to the attendant, then you are asked to sign and present an ID card for identification.

After all the necessary security checks, your package will be handed back to you and that is all. I was surprised too, but it was so easy, I guess the waiting part is really the hard work.


When I got back to the office, the next step was to activate the card, this will give me the chance to put it to use immediately.

>> Goto then sign in to your account, with your email address and password.

>> click on the “SETTINGS” tab, then on the drop down, click on “CARD MANAGEMENT”. The page below will be displayed to you.

How I got & Activated my payoneer master card in Nigeria1

>> click on the “ACTIVATE” Button and you will be directed to the next page. On this page, you will be asked to input the 16 CARD NUMBER, YOUR DESIRED PIN AND YOU CONFIRM THE PIN AGAIN, then click on ACTIVATE again!

How I got & Activated my payoneer master card in Nigeria2

>> After doing that, you will be presented with this image below, showing you a confirmation that your card has been activated and can be used for withdrawal from any ATM that has the mastercard symbol.

How I got & Activated my payoneer master card in Nigeria3

>> You will also get a message in your mail like the one below too.

How I got & Activated my payoneer master card in Nigeria4

Congratulations, you now have your own activated payoneer mastercard to be used for withdrawals in any mastercard authorised machines!

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  1. The monthly fee is really high. I prefer to choose another provider.

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