Mini Importation Business in Nigeria – 2020 Starters Easy Guide with PDF!

Mini importation business in Nigeria has grown over the years and if you are on this post today, it is because you are looking for a comprehensive and sincere guide on How to start a Mini Importation Business in Nigeria.

Mini importation business is also popular in other African countries like Ghana and Kenya, this shows how profitable and the huge acceptance it has received thus far.

Mini importation biz is one of the ways to make money online in Nigeria today, but a lot of people are yet to avail themselves to the possibilities that is involved in this online business.

Before we continue, i have done a complete compilation of the best MINI IMPORTATION GUIDE PDF, you can get your copy below and save the stress of reading this article.

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I first came across the mini importation business from a friend, I saw him with some new goods and he was going to sell them to someone. They were mostly wristwatches though but he told me that they were imported from China to Nigeria.

He had imported them for very cheap and he was making a profit of over 80% on each units, I was hooked and I wanted to learn more about this mini importation business.

That was the beginning of something really great, there was no looking back anymore for me as I engaged fully in mini importation business from China to Nigeria.

The importation business is so cool that with less than ten thousand naira (#10000), you can start a mini importation business and earn a handsome profit. The return on investments is mostly massive and it is so fun to engage in it.

This guide will shed light on the basic procedure and requirements you need to meet to begin you own cheap mini importation business in Nigeria, Ghana and even Kenya.

What does Mini Importation Business Means?

Importing is basically, bringing goods from other countries into your own country of residence. It could be cars, clothes etc.

Mini importation business is therefore, the bringing in of goods from other countries like China, USA, and UK etc. in smaller quantities or units to be sold by an individual to make profits and gains.

In mini importation business, there is no need for a middleman or retailer, you get the goods directly to you from the manufacturer, and this is what makes the getting of goods very cheap for you.

Requirements to begin Mini Importation Business

If you want to do the mini importation business, you have to tick some basic requirements, this will set you in a pole position to avoid mistakes and errors and afford you the chance to enjoy your importation journey.

To begin importing, you will need the following in place already:

  • A valid home address
  • A naira MasterCard or visa ATM issued by any Nigerian bank of your choice
  • A startup importation capital {at least 10,000 naira}
  • The websites or online portals to do your cheap shopping.
  • A shipping company that will get your goods to you.
  • Knowledge of Mini importation business (all in our ultimate mini importation manual).

As you can see, the mini importation business does not really entails a lot of commitment from you, this is one of the reasons why it is one of the best online businesses you will ever venture in.

Most of the goods are very cheap so if you can imports the ones of high quality, your profit margin will really be mind-blowing.


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A valid home address

This is important and it is basically where you stay. Most of the time, the postman or post office will usually call you to come to their office to collect your goods.

But the best thing you do is to input your valid home address, in the field provided when you are ordering for these items through your shipping company or you can always go to their office to claim your imported goods.

The reason is that your home address will determine the post office that your items will be sent to. It will be sent to the nearest post office to you.

A naira MasterCard or visa ATM issued by any Nigerian bank of your choice

The need to have a MasterCard or visa card is to make payment process very easy. Also, PAYPAL now accept Nigeria’s but you can only make payments.

Make sure you use new generational banks like ZENITH, GTbank, ECOBANK, DIAMOND BANK {this are cards I have personally tried to be working very well}

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A startup mini importation capital {at least 10,000 naira}

This capital may look very small, but when I open your eyes to the prospects and benefits of goods you can shop for very cheap, you will understand why the profit margin is always very high

The websites or online portals to do your cheap shopping.

Now you need the merchants website to carry out your shopping, there are many sites around, some that you must have heard off but I tell you.

In the mini importation terrain, there are series of secret websites that are only known to those in the trade.

It is the secret to the business and since you are interested, I will reveal it to you, just continue reading.

A shipping company that will get your goods to you.

If you will not be availing yourself to free shipping from the mini importation company and agents, then you definitely need a company to ship you goods to you down in Nigeria and most times they are very hard to come by, it does not matter if your purchases are from USA, UK or even CHINA.

You will get to see how you can do this and even many more.

How Profitable is the Mini Importation Business

The mini importation business is very profitable and like I stated before, the profit margin is really great and enticing.

There is a popular misconception that you need to start with a huge amount of money, all that is bullshit, you can even start with just 10,000 naira.

Let us run this mathematics, you get 10units of 5,000MaH power banks at the rate of 1,000naira per unit. Those power banks go for 5,000naira in Nigeria. Just do the simple arithmetic and see the profit potential already.

how to start mini importation business in Nigeria guide pdf

Best Mini Importation Sites, websites and Portals

There are so many mini importation websites for you to begin your mini importation business. As part of my effort to make things very easy for. I will be posting the trusted and verified ones.

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It is not just about thinking of starting online importation business here in Nigeria, but there are other things and factors you need to put into considerations, and one of those factors is on which mini importation websites | secret importation sites will you be using.

I made this list based on my mini importation experience and that of my friends, so be at easy and fire you way up to wealth.

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • New Egg
  • AliExpress
  • Ever Buying
  • DH Gate
  • IP mart
  • Dino Direct
  • Cellular Country
  • Made In China
  • CellularCountry
  • Martview
  • DealExtreme
  • 1688

READ MORE: Best Mini Importation Website and Portals

What You Should Note Before Starting Mini Importation Business

There are some important things to note before you begin your cheap mini importation business in Nigeria. You have to know the maneuvers and tactics to avoid stories that touch.

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Go for products with “FREE SHIPPING”

Most goods tend to cost you a fortune to send them down to Nigeria, but there is even a special package, here the sender gets the product to you in Nigeria for FREE!

The only downside here is that, the goods may take longer to get to you. You really have to be very patient with the sender.

The sellers use this as an opportunity to more buyers and they are usually sent through China mail air post or Hong Kong mail services TO YOUR STATED RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS HERE IN Nigeria.

Search for a great but cheap brand to import

There will be a huge number of products on the mini importation sites and portals, there will also be a lot of producers and sellers for a single product type. It is better to go from the cheapest products as this will increase your profit margin considerably.

Your transactions and money are safe

All the transactions on the mini importation sites I will list later are all secure and legitimate, they are covered by a service called escrow, which tend to offer full buyers protections.

Internet escrow works by placing money in the control of an independent and licensed third party in order to protect both buyer and seller in a transaction.

If after receiving the goods, you do not like them or there are defects, you can ask escrow not to pay the seller until the goods are changed.

Even before disbursing the money the seller of the product, you have to confirm the receipt of the product and confirm it is in good condition or not to facilitate the refund of the money paid for the goods within the stipulated time.

Aliexpress and Dhgate offer reimbursement services and return your money if you are not satisfied with the product. It is always time framed and reliable.

Do not import Contraband and banned goods

Some goods are not welcomed in this country. You have to be sure the goods you are about to purchase is a legitimate one and not a banned one.

Download Free Mini Importation guide eBook PDF

I have compiled a mini importation manual for you to learn mini importation and this will go a long way to make the points clearer to you. This is all the blueprint you will be needing.

This manual will reveal all the mini importations secrets, tips, strategy, business plans and gives you access to our mini importation seminars and trainings (if you buy the full copy).

As part of the effort to make all this cool for you and easy for you to begin, I will be giving a free cheap mini importation guide eBook in PDF format for you to read through and get a clearer picture.

The cheap mini importation business is an avenue for you to start to make money online, so I see no reason for you to put off this offer, just download your mini importation guide now with the button below!


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That is all on mini importation business in Nigeria for now, please comment belo and share to your friends and family!

Mini Importation Business Video

This is a very comprehensive mini importation video, i recommend that you watch it now!!!

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