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CLICKATE Solutions will set you apart from your competitors with cutting edge Real Estate Digital  Marketing activities to get you more property rentals and sales, leads, agent calls, inspections etc

Real estate has now taken on a new platform online! More and more people are joining the online frenzy and are investing in their online marketing presence.

It now takes a more focused and personalized approach if you want to grab your buyers’ attention, and this is exactly what we’re experts at doing.

Does your firm need more clients through digital marketing? We can help you!

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Real Estate Digital Marketing Services

The items listed below are a part of the digital marketing services we offer to real estate firms and property management firms:

Real Estate Social Media Marketing Advertising Services.

Social media is where everyone’s at – including businesses. Facebook and Instagram are excellent opportunities to put your business’s best foot forward to drive more leads and build trust.

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Real Estate Google Ads & PPC Management Services.

Google is the top for PPC used by people to look up real estate online. We will help you  by running effective Google Adwords campaigns to match your agents with qualified leads.

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Real Estate Content Marketing & Management Services.

Content marketing can help you build trust and a strong rapport with prospective visitors.  Let’s help you craft eloquent content to connect with your audience and get the best leads.

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Real Estate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Organic Traffic.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization allows you to strategize around what things people are searching for to position your firm right in front of a relevant audience.

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Real Estate Photography, Video & Motion Picture Services

In real estate marketing, the absolute best quality pictures is a must. Professional photography allows your properties to appear credible and gives it the ability to grab visitors attention.

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Real Estate Email Marketing Campaigns Services.

Potential clients look at several properties a day, and they forget easily. Let us help by launching email campaigns that can give updates such as blasts, automation, and newsletters.

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Real Estate Website Design & Development Services.

Your website is the first thing that your potential client will see. You would want to make a good first impression by presenting a website that speaks true to your business’s philosophy.

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Real Estate Training, Referral and Investment Ideas

SEO or Search Engine Optimization allows you to strategize around what things people are searching for to position your firm right in front of a relevant audience.

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Clickate Real Estate Digital Marketing Service

Real Estate Digital Marketing Services Benefits

Save Time

You can promote your agency faster by spending more time showing properties than looking for leads.

More Qualified Prospects

Instead of using old-school methods, you can now use inbound marketing tools to bring qualified leads to you.

Increased Exposure

An online presence lets you expand your overall reach and target the prospects best for your agency.

Performance Analysis

Ongoing analytics let you know if your marketing efforts are helping your firm, and whether they’re helping your agents and clients find the right match in a competitive market.

Client Engagement

Having a constant online presence lets you make long-term relationships to help you secure a position as their top choice for future property investments or sales.

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Real Estate Digital Marketing Efficiency

At this modern internet age, people want companies/agencies that provides fast and personalized services.

Home buyers would be really disappointed to spend time and money traveling to inspect properties that does not meet their requirement.

The right digital marketing techniques can help real estate agents avoid the complications associated with traditional real estate marketing and help reach target customers more efficiently by showing properties online in the most accurate way while cutting operational costs, generating leads and boosting ROI.

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