Best SEO Company in Lagos, Abuja - Nigeria

We are one of the best SEO Company in Lagos, Abuja, Nigeria. We have the right team of SEO experts to help move your website from obscurity to the front page of the search engines like google and bing.
Our SEO services encompasses both technical and creative elements required to improve search engine rankings, drive traffic and increase website’s popularity on search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo! Our SEO experts plan and execute search engine solutions for firms of all sizes.

Services as an SEO Company in Nigeria

Your Website can generate traffic and ultimately more revenue, but if it cannot be seen onlne then it wil struggle to achieve this purpose. This is why Clickate Digital, one of the best SEO Company in Nigeria is here to deliver the best SEO solution based on your marketing goals.

We take time to understand your business and create a strategy to accomplish your commercial objectives. With a smart SEO strategy, we can help you accelerate growth online and increase your SEO marketing returns.

General SEO Services

Result Driven SEO Campaign for increasing website traffic, leads and Conversion.

Backlink Building

Quality White hat backlink service to increase ranking and traffic. 

SEO Site Audit

Get a comprehensive technical, onpage, content or backlink audit report

E-Commerce SEO Services

Result and data Driven SEO Campaign for ecommerce websites.

Local SEO

Let us rank your business to your locality using google my business and SEO expertise.

SEO Training

We offer both beginners and advanced hands on SEO Courses.

Best SEO Company in Lagos

Clickate Digital is a SEO Company in Lagos, Nigeria. We have a plethora of digital marketing services which is not limited to search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising/search engine marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and more!.

We also offer the best digital marketing training, Social Media Management Training, SEO training and WordPress Web Design training. These are available to those who need digital skills. We have a fantastic digital marketing team and in-house digital marketing professionals. That’s what makes Clickate Digital one of the top digital marketing companies in Nigeria today.

SEO Process

Technical SEO Service

Is your site getting indexed correctly? Does it use a pre-rendering engine such as AngularJS or NodeJS? Have your rankings and leads tanked and you’re not sure why? We’ll audit to find out why, and implement a treatment to cure the pain.

On-Page SEO Service

Specific keywords are placed strategically within your content to boost your page with what the search engines are looking for. This increases your traffic! With fresh content and a pleasing website layout, we ensure that more traffic will come to, and stay on your site.

Page Speed Optimization

With a fast loading page, customers are less likely to leave and your site with translates to higher search rankings. One of Google’s top ten factors in positioning their search results is website optimization. Our SEO experts will identify the issues slowing down your site, by going over each page and optimizing the slow elements that may be causing visitors to bounce off.

Our SEO Strategy

  • Research, track and target ranking keywords for your website, increasing your search engine visibility and organic search engine traffic
  • Create user and search engine friendly content and experiences
  • Fix technical search engine optimization issues on your website
  • Implement structured data, also known as schema data, or JSON-LD, for your website
  • Give your business the best presence possible in local business directories such as Google My Business maps and Yelp, making sure NAP information is consistent
  • Create content around key phrases that helps your users and gets your site seen more
  • Ensure that your content is funneled through different social media channels for increased traffic
  • Keep logs of traffic and rankings for your viewing needs
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