Virtual Football league betting – VFL Tips, secrets, strategies, calculator, hacks etc.!

You really want to learn how to make money from virtual football league betting, that is exactly why you are reading this post today.

This is one of the many ways to make money online in Nigeria, while others may have reservation, betting is for those who are disciplined and have a high acumen to contain and take risks.

I stumbled on virtual football league betting by chance and ever since, it is has been a mixed relationship between us.

I lost a lot till I had to put my head together and get my game up and this led me to unraveling the secrets and strategies of VFL.

The best thing is that you can even bet home, from home or any other location you are, Sweet!

You can actually call me a virtual football league betting Pro (Professional).

Before we continue, i have done a complete compilation of the best VFL BETTING GUIDE, SECRETS, HACKS, TIPS, CHEATS etc. PDF EBOOK for FREE NOW, you can get your copy below and save the stress of reading this article. Just Input your NAME and VALID EMAIL and i will send it to your inbox immediately!

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How virtual football league (VFL) betting works

Virtual football league is just like a normal football season and the leagues that characterizes it, but unlike real life, VFL is computerized, hence the tag “VIRTUAL”.

This is a programmed software from BETRADAR and it mimics the real life football league, but it is more advantageous because it ends faster.

A season does not exceed 1hor and 30miniutes and a simulated match period only lasts for 3minutes. This is a great VFL programming from betradar.

VFL is for those people who really want to win quickly, as this seems to suit me too because of its fast results and the fact that I really do not have to wait till weekend to bet on any matches or expect the result of my bets.

This also leads to faster crediting of winning bets and even quicker payouts for all players and punters of the VFL.

Best Virtual football league betting (VFL) sites

There are tons of sites in Nigeria today that engage in bookmaking business. You can choose to bet with anyone you like but the major ones I prefer are listed below:

NAIRABET, MERRYBET, 1960BET and BET9JA virtual football league is a computerized version of a real life football league.

While the real league may take up to a year for its completion, the virtual football league will just take an hour.

The idea of the virtual football league is to give impatient bettors an opportunity to make money from their favorite sport without waiting till weekend or match days.

They virtually all the same: same teams, same league, same timing and even same season as they are all synchronized from a central server at betradar.

My favorite is MERRYBET, I just like the ease and aesthetic of the site, nothing else!

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VFL Betting Secrets, Cheats, Strategies, System & Loopholes

Virtual Football league betting VFL betting system, tips, strategies

Virtual Football league betting VFL betting system, tips, strategies

On the VFL betting forum, I keep getting questions on the latest virtual football league betting algorithm, software, cheats tips, secrets and all. The truth is there is even much more and this article will open your eyes to all possibilities.

So many other VFL gurus claim to have discovered the loophole, but all that is just an avenue to make you part with some of your hard earned money.

Truly, there are strategies and loopholes, the truth is that they will not last for long before the bookmaker will become wiser and block those holes.

I have always believed in something more concrete and that is statistical data, which will be the basis of the tips, cheats, strategies and secrets of VFL that I will be giving out here today.

I have studied this system over and over again and I have made tremendous profit from it, you can choose to trust me or not, that is your prerogative but the truth is what I will always earn even when you doubt.

This information I will give out here are actually for free, so it is your choice if you will make use of it or not, no one including myself can hold you liable for not using this VFL betting strategies and tip, you can close this page now!

Virtual football league Betting winning formula and hack

Like I stated earlier, the home source for the virtual football league betting algorithm is from the Betradar servers, and this VFL betting tips and tricks I will be giving out are as a result of continuous study of VFL betting fixtures and results.

This led overtime to the virtual football league betting system, cheats, tips and strategy I will be offering to you today. All this came about from extensive and continuous study.

If you are looking for a virtual football league prediction software, we are working on something but for now this hack ad tips will be more than all the software you need. There are no rules preventing you from breaking the bank.

How to Understand, Play, Predict and Win in Virtual football league betting

Like I mentioned, we have gone through a lot of data to converge at this following VFL BETTING STRATEGIES and I will advise you follow closely.

My favorite bookmaker is MERRYBET but you can always use other bookmakers in Nigeria or even abroad.

I have presented a virtual football betting team’s conversion table below for you to use in converting the virtual football betting teams from MERRYBET to your choice bookmakers.

VFL Virtual Football league betting team conversion table

VFL Virtual Football league betting team conversion table BY

VFL Betting Secrets, Strategies and Tips

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The texts that will follow are the best VFL tips and systems that are currently making a killing for me and I encourage you to read them religiously and follow through smartly.

VFL betting Cheat – STRAIGHT WIN

VFL betting straight win is a strategy that is straightforward enough to employ, this means that you are backing a particular team to come out winner in a match

I have studies this strategy for more than three months at a stretch (I am that addicted) and it is one of my favorite vfl secret betting strategies and tips.

I have been able to pick out some of the best, trustworthy and consistent VFL betting teams. I can vouch for them that 80% of the time, they will always give you a win. But you need to still apply wisdom though

The best teams for VFL straight wins are

  • Lagos
  • Abuja
  • Kaduna

The teams above will always win at least 60%of their matches and you should always try to look out for them as they are definitely sure bankers for the VFL SECRET BETTING STRATEGIES AND TIPS

VFL Betting System – Over 1.5 goals strategy

The vfl betting system of over 1.5 goals means that the match must end with at least 2 goals, anything short of that and the bet is a loss.

This is one of the shortest and easiest ways to make money from virtual football betting, with odds ranging from 1.05 to as high as 1.50.

This is very easy to spot because, every single match on a match day must have at least two matches ending with more than two goals.

But I do not believe in betting blindly so I will tell you the teams to stake on to win continuously.

The secret here is to select some teams and follow through

  • Lagos
  • Abuja
  • Ibadan
  • Kaduna
  • Sagamu
  • Markudi
  • Ilorin
  • Enugu
  • Kano

This teams above have a tendency of having matches that ends over 1.5 goals, but the main secret here is DO NOT ACCUMULATE MORE THAN 3 MATCHES even if you feel you already understand the system.

OVER 2.5 VFL Betting Secrets – Over 2.5 Goals system

This involves the match ending with at least three goals. This one also works as under 1.5 above except that not all teams can be used.

The following teams are those that will easily scale the over 2.5 goals margin for you.

  • Lagos
  • Abuja
  • Ibadan
  • Kaduna
  • Sagamu
  • Markudi

VFL Betting Strategy – First Half Win

This means that your selected team must win the first half for this ticket to convert.

It is practically easy to detect a team that will win in the first as they are mostly the team with highest number of goals scored and few conceded.

I did my statistics again and I discovered the following teams will always win the first half at least in 65% of their matches.

All you need to do is to wait for them to lose first and then you stake on them on the next match.

  • Lagos
  • Abuja
  • Kaduna
  • Markudi

If you really know what you are doing, the tips I have given above are enough for you to start to make considerable winnings on VFL.

This tips are guaranteed and this is what some so called gurus will always ask you to pay for and at the end they will deliver trash to you as there VFL SECRET BETTING STRATEGIES AND TIPS.

I have other well documented tips on the following:

  • OVER/UNDER 0.5
  • OVER/UNDER 3.5

More in-depth statistical secrets that have helped me increase my winnings and I will show you even more teams that have big odds and will make you smile easily.

I am not putting you under obligation to get it (my product) because the tips above might prove to be too useful to you already.

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Virtual football league betting indicator, formula and calculator

For those that are interested, there is currently a virtual football league indicator and Virtual football league calculator to help you discover the teams to bet on and also calculate how much you will bet and the profits you be making.

If you are interested, please ask for the indicator in the VFL Forum and I will send the link to you for easy download.

Join the virtual football league betting forum

As part of the strategies to make everyone follow through and make more money from virtual football betting, we have set up a virtual football forum for forum. You have to be registered to be able to post questions and download our secrets PDF files.

You will also be able to access our hidden videos on how we make a killing frequently


Virtual Football League Betting Video Live

This is a VFL betting video showing some easy and simple to use tips and trick for your next betting encounter. Watch the video and use the tips stated inside judiciously for your benefit.

I wish you success!

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